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It uses no chemicals

ScaleRID 2000

With 3 Year warranty!

Save Big Money, Energy, Space, Water, Time.

ScaleRIDTM by EdenPURE® is THE Electronic Hard Water Treatment System. It is the easiest way to treat hard water. No lifting, hauling, pouring or mess associated with other technologies. ScaleRIDTM uses state-of-the-art technology to electronically condition water. A continually fluctuating electronic field dissolves and converts a wide range of harmful calcium and mineral ions into microscopic crystals that simply go down the drain.

Quick-Connect Coils make installation a snap! Just connect the coils and plug in the the power supply...That's it! Installation is done!

ScaleRID uses state-of-the-art technology in electronic water conditioning. ScaleRID's electronic field continually fluctuates, covering a wide range of frequencies; treating the widest range of mineral concentrations at any rate of water flow.

Similar units on the market have a higher price and are often of inferior quality. Permanent magnets have been shown to condition hard water, but they are only effective within a certain flow "window" and at higher and lower flows the performance drops to zero. This is the reason why permanent magnets have mixed performance results. Magnetic particles can also build up inside the pipe where the magnets are placed, eventually causing blockage or reduced water flow.

With a salt-based soft water system you need an expensive softener system and then you must periodically add salt. Salt-based softeners do not always cure the limescale problem and can make water unsafe for people with certain health problems.

With the ScaleRID, within the first week you will see elimination of new scale deposits, and loosening of existing scale. Soap will lather easier, your skin will feel softer and your hair will be more manageable. Spots on dishes will be reduced.

In 2 to 4 weeks, you should notice:

    The softening of scale around faucets and showerheads
    Water will feel hotter with improved performance of water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers
    A decrease in the amount of soap, shampoo, detergents and cleaners used
    Surfaces are easier to clean, especially chrome fixtures, sinks and baths.


    The #1 Electronic Hard Water Treatment System

Provides soft water characteristics without a water softener or salt for city or well water
Reduces soap scum — less cleaning
Reduces water spots on dishes and fixtures
Removes existing lime scale on faucets, showerheads, sink drains and toilets without chemicals or scrubbing
Dissolves and flushes out existing scale in pipes, improving water flow
Prevents fresh deposits of lime from forming
Extends useful life of water heater, dishwasher, coffee pots
Saves septic systems or tile beds from damaging effects of brine (backwash) from water softener
Works in tandem with water softener, reducing amount of salt, regeneration and backwashing
ScaleRID treated water is healthy for people, pets and plants
The beneficial calcium and magnesium remain in the water, making it healthier to drink
No added salt — salt-based softeners add a significant amount of sodium to your water. Doctors advise patients with high blood pressure not to drink salt-softened water
Helps control algae and bacteria, bio-growth significantly reduced
Greatly improves skin conditions including Psoriasis and Eczema
Low operating costs — less than $10 a year in electricity
Cuts energy bills — each 1/8” of lime scale removed increases heating efficiency by 30%
Saves water — with no regeneration you save 80 - 100 gallons per week
Has no negative effects on environment
Can be used on copper, PVC or galvanized pipes
Gets rid of hard water problems for both city and well water
Recommended for Tankless Water Heaters

Proudly made in USA - North Canton, OH
3 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
Electronic Control Module
Quick Connect Coils
Hanging Straps
Power Supply Cord
Low Voltage / Power Consumption
Wall Mountable
LED Signal Indicators
Power Indicators



Do-it-yourself installation is quick and simple - and does not require a plumber or the cutting of pipes.

1 - Locate the pipe where your water supply first enters your home and lay the Quick Connect Coil on the pipe.
2 - Mount the Control Module with the provided hooks or screws.
3 - Attach Foam Adapters (provided) and click the Quick Connect Coil over the foam.
4 - Attach wires from Quick Connect Coil power supply to Control Module and then the power supply to the electrical outlet.

You only need to periodically verify that the LED light is on. Easy installation also means that, should you move, the ScaleRID is simple to disconnect and take with you.

The ideal place to install ScaleRID is at the water inlet for the building. If this is not possible, it can also be installed at the inlet of the water heater. To install the unit, you require at least 12" for the ScaleRID SR-2000, which can be a horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The pipes can be copper, PVC or galvanized steel.



Eliminating Scale Build-up with 21st Century Technology
By Bradley W. Borne, President/CEO of IDEAS INC.

Scale build-up is the formation of naturally occurring chemical compounds on solid surfaces,
like pipes, fixtures, and appliances. These compounds are found in most water supplies
and, in moderate amounts, are considered healthy, 1 for human and animal consumption.
Scale most often appears in hard water environments, but can also occur in soft water
environments. If left untreated the effects of scale build-up can be devastating to a home or
small business as the build-up can prematurely damage water heaters, major appliances,
fixtures, and can even constrict water flow in pipes. Scale also decreases appliance
efficiency and increases the cost of owning a home or operating a business.
This paper will explain how scale build-up materializes and your options for treatment.
What is scale?
Scale is the accumulation of layers of compounds, typically carbonates of calcium and
magnesium that adhere to solid surfaces such as faucets, shower heads, the inside of
dishwashers, water heaters and coffee makers.

What causes scale build-up?

When water becomes supersaturated with minerals like calcium and magnesium, the water
cannot dissolve additional amounts of those elements. As a result, the excess amounts are
precipitated out of the water as positively charged particles that bind with oppositely charged
particles, the carbonates that are also naturally present in water, bonding together typically
as calcium-carbonate and magnesium-carbonate. These carbonates tend to stick to each
other and to solid surfaces forming scale.

Where do the minerals that create scale come from?

Hard water refers to water with more minerals present than in soft water. Hard water
typically originates in wells, aquifers, rivers and lakes. Most drinking water comes from hard
water sources. The minerals come from rock and sediment in the ground at the source of
the water. Water supply services, municipalities and other government agencies do not
completely filter the minerals out of the water supply because of the cost associated with the
process and the health benefits associated with consuming small amounts of minerals;
some of these compounds are contained in your daily multi-vitamin.
Soft water, though defined as containing fewer minerals than hard water, can produce scale
build-up when higher PH levels are present. The higher PH levels prohibit the water from
dissolving the calcium, which precipitates and bonds with negatively charged ions to form
calcium-carbonate, or scale.

What are the consequences of scale build-up?

Scale build-up can effectively reduce the inside diameter of, or even block, water pipes
resulting in decreased water pressure and flow. In some cases scale build-up can require
pipes to be replaced.

Scale build-up acts like an insulating layer on heating elements and causes appliances like
hot water heaters, boilers, dishwashers, and coffee and espresso makers to work harder to
do the same job, therefore driving up energy costs and shortening the life span of these

To battle scale build-up chemical cleansers are employed to remove the scale, sometimes
shortening the lifespan of faucets and shower heads. Moreover additional time is spent
battling the unsightly, and efficiency robbing, build-up of scale.

How can I reduce or eliminate scale build-up?

The following are popular approaches for reducing or removing scale build-up:

• In industrial applications, such as closed-loop cooling systems, chemicals are used
to treat water.
• Salt or potassium water treatment systems, often referred to as water softeners.
• Complete filtration.
• Reverse osmosis.
• Permanent magnets.
• Electro-magnetic water treatment.

What is the right way for me to reduce or eliminate scale build-up in my home or small
Chemical processing is not a viable solution for the small business or home where the water
is used for human consumption or will come in contact with humans or animals. Additionally
this is not an environmentally friendly practice as the chemicals are diluted into the water
and the entire solution must be properly disposed after treatment.

Water softeners replace the calcium and magnesium, healthy minerals, in water with
sodium, a mineral that the FDA warns should be regulated; according to the 2005 Dietary
Guidelines for Americans published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, nearly all Americans consume more salt (sodium)
than they need. 2. Additionally water softeners dump their brine solution into the environment
when they regenerate, which can happen frequently. Finally water softeners are relatively
expensive to operate because of the continued use of the consumable salt (sodium chloride)
or potassium chloride pellets.
Complete filtration and reverse osmosis systems remove the healthy minerals, like calcium
and magnesium, that can form scale, but at considerable ongoing expense and robbing
those consuming the water of the healthy benefits the naturally occurring minerals provide.

Permanent magnets can perform minimally effective de scaling, but will only work on water
with a fixed flow. Over time permanent magnets lose their strength for a host of reasons
from electrical currents present in the home to exposure to heat, like a hot water pipe. This
eventual slow dissipation of strength ultimately renders them ineffective, even for the
specific flow rate for which they were intended. Finally permanent magnets are not a good
choice for preventing scale build-up because they are not cost efficient, or powerful enough
to treat an entire home or small business from a single point of installation.

Electromagnetic water treatment based on the Lorentz Force effect on charged particles
suspended in water is a very efficient method of eliminating scale build-up.

What is the Lorentz Force and how does it work?

Hendrik Lorentz, a Dutch physicist who won the 1902 Nobel Prize for Physics, defined the
relationship between a charged particle and an electromagnetic field by the equation as
detailed below:

F = q[E + (vxB)]
F is the force in newtons
E is the electric field in volts per meter
B is the Magnetic field in telslas
q is the electric charge of the particle in coulombs
v is the instantaneous velocity of the particle in meter per second
x is the vector cross product
The Lorentz Force is the principle that electromagnetic water treatment is founded on. By
applying an electromagnetic field to water a force can be applied to alter the particles in the
stream of water, encouraging them to remain solvent (diluted) in the water, rather than
bonding with the carbonates present in water, which produces scale.
Image: The Lorentz Force at Work
A beam of electrons moving in a
circle due to the presence of a
magnetic field. The purple light is
emitted along the electron path due
to the electrons colliding with gas
molecules in the bulb.

The Lorentz Force is the principle that electromagnetic water treatment is founded on. By
applying an electromagnetic field to water a force can be applied to alter the particles in the
stream of water, encouraging them to remain solvent (diluted) in the water, rather than
bonding with the carbonates present in water, which produces scale.

The Lorentz Force equation allows for variations in the instantaneous velocity of a charged
particle (the rate of water flow). By varying the frequency of the electromagnetic field a force
can be imparted to the charged particles within the magnetic field; it is the variable v, the
instantaneous velocity, in the Lorentz Force equation that dictates the electromagnetic field
must also vary to accommodate different velocities in water flow. The ability to quickly alter
the frequency of the electromagnetic field is critical to effectively apply a force to the
particles suspended in all the potential rates of the water flow possible in a given water pipe.

How does a ScaleRID system work and what makes it different than other systems?

ScaleRID descaling water treatment systems utilize double wound coils to induce a
continuously variable-frequency electromagnetic field which exerts a force on a charged
particle, namely the ions of calcium and magnesium. The ScaleRID systems employ
modern micro-processors for built-in intelligence in the descaling process. The microprocessor
controlled electromagnetic field is able to greatly affect scale producing
compounds during the nucleation process, which allows these ions to precipitate out of the
water in a crystalline form that is not likely to adhere to solid surfaces; instead the
compounds pass through the pipes and down the drain. This modern micro-processor
design enables the frequency to quickly and consistently vary more efficiently, which is
critical to effectively treating water on a wide spectrum of flow rates as that water passes
through the influence of this magnetic field. By rapidly varying the frequency of the induced
electromagnetic field and using patent pending technology to more efficiently deliver,
saturate, regulate and shift the frequency of electromagnetic field, the ScaleRID water
treatment devices provide the most complete implementation of electric water descaling
treatment available to date. Additionally the ScaleRID systems utilize a MOSFET
technology which moves beyond old-school designs that depend on dated transistors to
amplify the frequency of the electromagnetic field. MOSFET technology is commonly
employed in high-end audio equipment where the ability to quickly and accurately amplify
and modulate frequencies is critical to the quality and accuracy of the sound reproduced.
Modern MOSFET technology allows the ScaleRID product to reach higher and lower
frequencies than other electromagnetic water treatment technologies. Furthermore
MOSFET technology can produce these frequency peaks and valleys with much greater
efficiency; with lower power consumption. With the ScaleRID MOSFET technology less
energy is turned to heat, which ultimately degrades transistor performance that can degrade
the performance of transistor based electromagnetic water treatment systems over a period
of time.

These unique documented features make the ScaleRID Water Treatment Systems the most
effective environmentally friendly electronic water treatment system that treats water by
increasing the nominal precipitation rate of certain minerals in the water and as a result
alters the materialization of mineral build up, decreasing the formation of scale on the
surfaces of pipes, fixtures and appliances connected to your home’s water system.